Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dexter's Desk Live!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Dexter's Desk! Like every venture that has a beginning, this represents one of the first steps in participating and contributing to Africa's economic expansion and igniting and sustaining the fire of innovation in Africa.


The global engine of capitalism is today challenged by problems whose solutions seem to have eluded the human race. But like we've learnt from the premature clamouring for the closure of the US Patent Office at the dawn of the 20th century (as many believed that everything that could ever be invented had already been invented), there's always more work to do, more rivers to cross, more mountains to level and more valleys to raise. We, as Africans, must now begin to contribute in innovative ways to finding solutions to, not just our problems, but to global problems. The global financial crisis is not hurting Africa as much as it is ruining the fortunes of the world's most advanced economies. Unfortunately, for a majority that is something to be merry about. Africa's historical complacency operates under the false pretext that there is (almost) little to lose - since 'he that is down fears no fall'. On maps and charts describing the global financial crisis, there is frequently no allusion to the fate of Africa (except South Africa, of course). But we must be illuminated to know and understand that we've got a lot to lose. We cannot keep reclining in the back-seat every decade as contributory solutions to every economic crisis are proffered by every other continent except Africa (even if those solutions stand upon faulty fundamentals). What is Africa's stake in the global scheme of things? 


Good evening. 

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  1. True talk. Africa must rise up and take her place in the scheme of things or remain schemed out!